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As dog owners, we are aware of  the need to provide our dogs regular bathing and grooming for their overall health. Keeping our dogs feeling secure during the process helps them enjoy their bathing experience. Our dog wash is designed to maximize the enjoyment and comfort of the wash experience for both dog and owner in mind.

Rita Ranch Self Serve Dog Wash
provides three separate waist-high wash tubs. The approach is an inclined, skid-proof ramp for your dog's easy access to the wash tub. We use soft water heated to a comfortable 80 degrees. All of the products necessary to bathe your dog are provided on an easy to access dial. These include dog safe products designed specifically to cleanse a dog's skin and coat. Available are: tearless shampoo, gentle cream and oatmeal rinse, treatment for fleas and ticks, de-skunk, and fragrance. There is a two speed blower at each wash bay to aid in drying your dog's sensitive skin.

Using our convenient dog wash is the perfect way to remove the mess and discomfort of trying to wash your dog at home. There is a covered rest area with tables, chairs and dog vending machines, as well as tables specifically for personal dog grooming after their bath. Free tennis balls are provided to incorporate play time for our dogs. We all know that trips to the groomer can become a huge expense, scheduling hassle and extremely stressful for our dogs. Our system allows parents and kids to have fun washing their dogs together, inexpensively, at time of their convenience, and in a friendly family environment.

The cost of using our dog wash is $5 for ten minutes. Additional time can be purchased as necessary in $1 increments (major credit cards accepted). A medium sized; long haired dog can be thoroughly cleansed and dried in ten minutes. Some larger breeds may require a couple additional dollars. We have seen owners with small dogs wash two dogs easily with the initial time.


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