Boat and RV Storage

RV Storage Keeps Your Investment Safe From the Summer Sun

You saved up for the RV of your dreams. It has everything you have ever wanted and more! It has quickly become “your baby,” letting you travel the country in style and comfort. But your RV is not your full-time home. At some point, you’ll take a break from your road trip adventures and return home. The question then becomes…

… When you’re not traveling the open roads, exploring the country and camping in fun new spots, where are you storing your RV?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to house your RV with us:

A Secure Home for Your RV

Security is your top priority! It’s ours too. That’s why we house your RV in a gated area on our lot. In addition, we have around-the-clock security and 14 cameras to keep a watch on your “baby” while you’re gone.

Covered RV Storage Spaces

Covered RV storage at Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash protects your RV from the harsh Tucson weather. Our premium facilities cover your RV from the strong sunrays and keep it safer during monsoon season.

Wash Facilities

Try our new RV/Truck Wash, featuring 4-foot high walkways, super long booms & high pressure hoses, 14-foot ceilings and the highest grade of soaps and waxes to make one’s RV shine! When you’re ready to hop into your RV for a weekend getaway, give it a quick wash before you drive off our lot. We have large wash bays big enough to accommodate your RV. Give your “baby” a quick rinse before you hit I-10 for your next road trip. FREE RV, Car & Dog Washes each month for our RV storage tenants.

Stop By for a Tour of our Facility and Get a Free Car Wash!

We’re proud of our RV storage facilities in Rita Ranch. Stop by today to take a look at our covered, secure spaces and learn more about the amenities you get when you store your RV with Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash.