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10 Tips for Packing Bulky Items in Storage Rental Units

March 11, 2016

When it comes to storage, you want to get the most bang for your buck. That often means playing a game of Tetris while you try to maneuver all of your large, small and breakable belongings into a water tight container. As much fun as you had playing the computer game back in the 90s, trying to load and unload your storage unit when you want to move or clean house is exhausting.

To help you maximize your space and minimize frustration, here are ten tips for storing bulky items in one of our storage rental units.

  1. Get vacuum seal containers. Do you have bulky clothing items to store? Don’t put them in large boxes. Vacuum seal containers to reduce space.
  2. Buy a shelving system. Shelving systems can help you organize and declutter your space. This can often times free up more room for larger items.
  3. Make a storage plan. Before you start moving, make a plan. Decide how certain items will fit together so you’re not haphazardly putting together a storage puzzle.
  4. Mind the oddly shaped items. Round tables, oval shaped items, or other odd shaped items can be hard to squeeze into a rectangle container. Try to find other odd shaped items or smaller items to help fill in the gaps so you don’t leave extra space.
  5. Store mirrors and artwork vertically. This is the safest way to store these items. It’s also the best way to limit how much space they consume.
  6. Tightly seal all liquids. If you’re storing any type of liquids, keep them locked up tight and secure in their containers. Even water, a seemingly innocent liquid, can cause your bulky items damage.
  7. Cover furniture with drop cloths. Most of the time you won’t need to pad your furniture with anything other than plastic or sheets. This will usually be enough to protect from a knick or dings.
  8. Wrap light strings around cardboard. Christmas lights get tangled and messy, fast. To avoid a bulky clump of small bulbs, wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard for storage.
  9. Store small trinkets or holiday ornaments in compartmentalized boxes.Ornaments and other small decorations can also take up a lot of space when not stored correctly. Using a compartmentalized box helps you keep things in tact and stored efficiently.
  10. Wrap rugs tightly in a clean sheet or light layer of plastic. Storing a large area rug? Wrap it in a clean sheet or thin layer of plastic. If it doesn’t fit to store it upright, put it horizontally. Don’t put heavy items on top of it or you could harm the material.

Planning your storage isn’t always easy but it has to be done. If you’d like help deciding how much space you’ll need, learn about our storage options or call one of our self-storage experts.

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