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Easy Fundraising: How Partnering With Local Businesses Makes Your Fundraisers More Successful

July 13, 2016

You’ve heard of “shop local” but what about “fundraise local?”

For many schools, churches and organizations, fundraising is a challenge. You plan, sell, and work hard to get people to your event. It’s exhausting for you, the students, and the parents. Everyone is grinding day and night to try to raise enough money to support a specific cause.

What if there were easy fundraising ideas to bring your local organization more buyers and money? With local businesses, there is. Local businesses give your organization an upper hand when it comes to fundraising. Here’s how:

Local Businesses Have Local Connections

Local businesses work hard to build a following in the area and build a reputation of trust. When you host a fundraiser, you get access to the group of people already interested in what’s happening at the local business. You also tap into the trusted reputation of the local business. It’s this following and backing that gets your fundraiser more exposure while drumming up excitement in the community.

Local Businesses Support Your Community

The money spent with local businesses goes directly back into the community. The people employed in these businesses live and work in the area. They spend their money at other businesses in the area, which builds your local economy. This support of your community makes it easier for your organization to thrive in the long run.

Local Businesses Have More Incentive to Give Back

Your local business owners also have family and friends living and working in your community. They care about the success of the area and are more incentivized to give back – especially to fundraisers that support local groups. By having this increased incentive, you get more support for your fundraiser, which helps make it easier and more successful.

Ready to Plan Your Next Fundraiser?

Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash gets fundraising. We’ve participated in hundreds of fundraisers as both as hosts and participants. Hosting is our favorite way to give back.

The most popular fundraising options with Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash include:

  • Using our car wash bays for a car wash fundraiser;
  • Selling our ultimate car wash coupons and keeping the profits;
  • Holding a dog wash fundraiser at our secure, fun dog wash tubs;
  • Selling dog wash coupons and keeping the profits.

When you fundraise with us, we help your group attract a crowd with social media and blogging promotion, as well as in-store displays. You get access to the people who are already coming into our facility for a car wash, making it easier to make more money in a shorter period of time.

The possibilities are endless!

We’re always open to new ideas for how to help your team or organization raise money. Contact owner Mike Adams at to brainstorm exciting ways that your group can simplify fundraising and have fun while making money for your cause.

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