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Get the Most Out of Our Self-Serve Car Wash With These 9 Tips

December 13, 2015

Ready to wash your car like a pro?

Here’s the simple (and fun) 9-step process you can take to get a cleaner car at our self serve car wash bays.

1. Tire and Engine Cleaner

When you pull in, scrub on the tire and engine cleaner. This chemical is used to break down tough oil and grime in the engine compartment, on the tires, and on the wheel wells. Let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing clean.

2. Presoak

Put the presoak treatment on your car to break down the dirt and grime on the painted surfaces and glass.

3. Soap

Give the outside of your car a quick spray. Then, get sudsy by soaping up your car. The soap is dispensed at high pressure to remove dirt without hurting the paint job. Soak your entire vehicle in soap. Not only will you have more fun, but it’ll also give your car a cleaner finish.

4. Foam Brush

Monsoon rains kick up oils sitting on the roads. These splatter onto your car. When the hot sun bakes them on, you need the friction of the foam brush to get them off.

The foam brush is an awesome tool that dispenses soap out of the brush area to remove dirt the high pressure won’t remove. Scrub your wheels and car completely to get all that grime off your vehicle.

5. Rinse

Enough scrubbing! Now it’s time to see what all those suds have done to give you a cleaner car. Use the high-pressure wash wand, which uses surprisingly less water than a garden hose to remove all the remaining soap and dirt. Rinse your entire vehicle.

6. Triple Foam Wax

The triple foam wax has multi-colored polymers and silica. That’s fancy speak for the stuff that keeps your car looking great long after you leave the car wash. Slather that onto your car, including on the windows and mirrors!

7. Clear Coat Protectant

This is the final protective step. It’s also the stage that causes the water to bead, making it easier to remove so you don’t get those unsightly water spots.

Rinse off the triple foam wax using the clear coat protectant. This will protect your car’s paint like a shield from the dust and monsoon weather.

8. Spot Free Rinse

This step is critical if you want to remove water spots and have crystal clear windows. Take off any excess wax and sealant with a spot free rinse using de-calcified water. Spray it on at a low pressure, nice and easy.

9. Air Shammee

Air Shammee isn’t just fun to say; it’s also fun to use! Grab that air gun and dry your vehicle with high-pressure air that forces water from all the nooks and crannies in your car. Motorcyclists love the Air Shamee when drying motorcycle engines because the wind blasts the water from all the nooks and crannies around the engine block.

To get the best results from the self-serve or automatic car wash, it’s recommended that you have your car detailed by a professional like Adam on a regular basis. Doing this prevents the dirt and oil from sticking to your car, making it easier to remove at the self-serve car wash bays. It also prevents the sun from oxidizing the paint on your car.

There are always staff members on site seven days a week to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, flag one of us down to ask! Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the car wash while we work hard to keep the bays clean of mud and the equipment running smoothly.

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