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How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

February 27, 2016

Take a look at all that stuff! From the holiday decorations you only use once a year, to the family heirlooms you can’t bare to part with (but don’t know where to put), you’ve decided it’s time to put some of your belongings in storage.

But now, you’re probably scratching your head thinking, “how much storage space to I need?”

While you try to figure out how much storage space is the right amount, you might have a Goldilocks moment. Is that too much? Too little? What’s just right?

Calculating Your Self-Storage Needs

As you start to consider the various options when it comes to self-storage containers, it’s hard to know what you can fit into each size container. To help you get a better gauge, here are a few guidelines to follow.

5′ x 10′

This is ideal if all you plan to store are small boxes or items. It won’t work well with any large furniture or oddly shaped items (especially if they’re long in nature).

10′ x 10′

If you’re moving out of the country and need to store the bare minimum from your studio or 1 bedroom apartment, choose this size. You might not have a lot of wiggle room but you’ll get a secure place to store the things you’ll need right away when you return.

10′ x 12′

Have a full one bedroom home? This size might be a better fit for you. This will fit your bed, a few book shelves, and some basic furniture.

8′ x 20′ (this is the most popular!)

If the demand for our 8′ x 20′ storage containers are any indicator, this seems to be the perfect size for most families. It gives you plenty of room without breaking the bank. You can fit a few pieces of furniture, appliances, and some boxes in this container.

10′ x 20′

Do you need enough space to store several appliances, mattresses, furniture, and plenty of boxes? This is the space for you. It gives you enough room to store furnishings to fill a two-bedroom home.

Choosing Your Self-Storage Container

Calculating your needs is only half the battle. Once you have a general idea of what you plan to store and the amount of space you’ll need, it’s time to take a tour and see first-hand how much space you’ll get. You might realize that you don’t need as much as you thought. Or, you might feel like you need a bigger container than you initially anticipated.

Taking a tour of our self-storage facility in Rita Ranch will give you a better idea of how much each container can hold. When you’re ready to choose your self-storage container, you can do so with confidence knowing you will have the perfect amount of space for your needs.

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