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How to Save Your Sanity While Moving to Rita Ranch

April 25, 2016

Moving to Rita Ranch? The next few months of your life will be filled with packing, loading, unloading and then unpacking. Although it might not seem like a lot of work, the job never seems to be finished. No matter how calm of a person you are, moving will leave you stressed.

Staying sane throughout the stress requires extra effort. Even though you’re feeling like you already a have enough on your plate (too much, actually) here are a few tips to help you keep your cool during your upcoming move.

Plan, plan, plan

No matter how far in advance you know about your move, it’s never too early to start planning. Make a list of everything you need to finish before your move. Make another list for everything you must remember while you move. If you’re feeling up for it, create a list for what needs to happen once you reach your destination.

The more planning you’re able to do, the better organized you’ll feel. That little bit of extra organization will keep you sane.

Give yourself extra time

It’s inevitable. When you plan a tight timeline of events for your move, something unexpected creeps in throwing everything off course. When that happens, you’re left frazzled and unsure of how to get back on track.

Leave yourself a buffer for the unexpected. Plan a couple extra days to tackle projects that take longer than you anticipate or resolve unexpected conflicts that arise during your move. The more time you give yourself, the better off you’ll be.


Moving is expensive. You need a U-Haul truck, packing supplies, and enough money for eating out while you make the trip to Rita Ranch (even if you’re just moving from Vail).

Make a budget to keep your finances as organized as your move (if not more so.) Figure out how much money you have available to spend and then divide it up among the essentials. Again, give yourself a monetary buffer to cover any incidentals and unexpected expenses.

Have a contingency plan

If something goes wrong, it can send your entire plan for sanity into a tailspin. You’ll suddenly feel lost, out of control, and confused.

Create a contingency plan to keep everything on track.

Take your time packing

You’re already stressed out and in a hurry. Remind yourself to slow down and take your time packing. This will pay off in dividends once you’re at your new house.

Plan your packing so that you know exactly what you have in each box when you reach your destination. That way, you aren’t running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for your belongings. You’ll have everything in close reach, making it easier for you to get settled and feel rested faster.

What are your favorite ways to stay sane during a big move?

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