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Looking for New Ways to do Fundraising in Vail or Rita Ranch? Here are 3 Ideas to Get You Started.

January 9, 2016

When you’re a coach, parent, or teacher, fundraising is a necessity. Whether you’re raising money for your child’s soccer team, the pee-wee football team you coach, or any other type of team, fundraising in Vail and Rita Ranch never ends.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do the fundraising in your backyard?

At Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash, we love fundraisers. We attend them often and help you host them. It’s all done in an effort to give back to our beloved community.

Want ideas for your next fundraiser? We’re particularly fond of these three.

1. Host a Car Wash

Fundraising in the desert during the blazing hot summer months becomes a lot easier when you and your organization get to splash around in some water.

Car washes are the perfect fundraiser. You tap into people who need a service they’d pay for anyway, and you get to cool down while you get to work raising money. It’s one of the most fun fundraisers for students because they get to see the immediate benefit of their hard work while having a good time with their friends.

Hosting a car wash builds team camaraderie and responsibility. Do this at Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash and you’ll make it easier for your team to bring in the big bucks because you get access to the people already pulling in for a car wash.

2. Host a Bake (and Barkery) Sale

It’s not a secret. We love our four-legged friends. Dogs are family members and they deserve to be treated as such.

If your organization is dog and people friendly, host a bake sale and a barkery sale. Barkery sales are like bake sales for dogs. Instead of baking treats for humans, you and your team can find recipes to bake for the dogs that frequent our Rita Ranch dog wash. Both the owners and their fur babies will walk away with a delicious treat while your organization raises money.

3. Sell Coupons

Want to extend the timeline of your fundraiser? Have your team sell coupons.

At Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash, we offer coupons at a steep discount for organizations to sell. Customers pay the same price as they would by purchasing from us and your team gets to keep the profits; everyone wins!

If you want to take advantage of any of these or other fundraising ideas, contact owner Mike Adams at to start brainstorming. From our local business to your local organization, we love helping with your fundraising needs!

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