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Puppy Love: 10 Tips to Make Owning a Dog in Tucson a Better Experience

August 1, 2016

Congratulations! You just brought home the newest addition to your house – a four-legged friend! You’re officially a dog owner and now you’re determined to give your puppy the best life possible.

In Tucson, dog owners face unusual challenges. The heat, desert critters, and wide open spaces put dogs in danger.

To make owning a dog in Tucson as enjoyable as possible while giving your pet the best life possible, here are a few tips.

1. Time your walks carefully.

It’s no secret that Arizona gets hot! Time your walks so that you’re getting your dog out in the most moderate temperatures of the day. In the summer, that might mean getting up a little earlier to beat the heat. In the winter, you might be able to walk your dog in the afternoon.

2. Watch out for snakes.

Snakes pose a big time threat to dogs in Arizona. Many dog owners get rattlesnake training to help their dog know that snakes aren’t a toy or treat. It’s also important that you remain vigilant while playing with your dog in the backyard or walking your dog in the desert.

3. Escape-proof your yard.

It seems like there are reports of lost or missing dogs on a daily basis in our area. When a dog gets out, they’re more prone to dehydration and eating desert critters. Escape proof your yard to the best of your ability to keep your dog secure.

4. ID your pet.

If your pet does escape the yard, make sure that it’s easy for the person who found him or her to call you. With a microchip and collar tags, you can help your pet return safely to you in the unlikely event that he or she escapes.

5. Schedule playtime at Purple Heart Park’s dog park.

Does your dog play well with others? Give him or her extra social time with playtime at Purple Heart Park.

6. Give your dog a bath.

It’s dusty and dirty in Tucson. To help your dog feel better, give him or her a bath on a regular basis. Our dog bath in Rita Ranch gives you a variety of shampoos to choose from, including flea shampoos and oatmeal conditioners. It’s also a constant 82 degrees, which makes it comfortable for your pup year round.

7. Offer a fluffy place to rest.

Don’t be afraid to spoil your dog once in awhile. Buy a nice fluffy bed and give your puppy a relaxing place to lay down after his or her day of fun around town.

8. Change up their diet.

You’d get bored if you ate the same thing day after day. Your dog does too. Change up your dog’s diet with different treats. This will add just the right amount of variety to their daily routine.

9. Keep them safe from cacti.

The cactus might look light and fluffy to your dog, but it’s not. If you have cacti in your yard, train your dog to know that it’s not a chew toy or source of food. If you’re hiking with your dog on one of the many trails in Vail or Rita Ranch, keep a close watch on your dog as he or she plays among the prickly pear and saguaros.

10. Snuggle up!

Most dogs love to feel loved by their owners. Snuggling with your dog on a regular basis will help both you and your four-legged friend feel happier and more relaxed.

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