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The Spot for Holding a Fundraiser in Tucson

March 27, 2018

Community is at the core of Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash. Now, we’re giving you a way to raise extra money for your organization while building team camaraderie!

We offer a variety of fundraising options at our facility.

Host a Car, Dog, or RV Wash Fundraiser Using Our Self-Serve Wash Bays

People come to Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash every day to get a clean car. On Sunday afternoons, you can reserve a few of our self-serve car, dog, and RV wash bays.

We reserve our self-serve wash bays for your sports team, church group, or any other type of non-profit organization wanting to make money. Once there, you have full access to all of the car wash supplies you need in a fun, safe, supervised environment. Here are a few of the benefits to using our facility for your car wash:

  • You have access to high-pressure wands, triple foam brushes, spot-free rinse, and powerful vacuums.
  • We offer free air fresheners and dash wipes that your team can give away.
  • Everything is professionally supervised.
  • Free email and social media promotion by Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash!
  • Free promotional materials provided.

Contact us to schedule your fundraiser!

Sell Coupons for a Car or Dog Wash and Keep the Profits!

Sell our popular Ultimate Car Wash and keep the profits! We give you coupons for our Ultimate Car Wash. Then, your team hits the pavement selling the car wash coupons to anyone with a car. You keep the profits from the sales!

Do you know people who love their pets? Sell coupons for our self-serve dog wash and spread the love to pet owners and to your organization.

Our dog wash facility is one of the most popular in town. That’s because we have one of the best dog washes in town. Here’s what your customers get:

  • Waist-high dog wash tubs
  • A variety of shampoos
  • Constant 78-degree warm water
  • Non-slip ramps
  • Soothing two-speed blower and dryer
  • Clean, disinfected area with tubs

Now your organization can reap the benefits of our car and dog wash! Sell self-serve car or dog wash coupons and keep the profits of each sale for your organization. Contact Mike Adams at to get started selling!

Raise Money Every Time Your Code is Used

Now you can raise money for your organization all month long! Receive a rebate every time your followers purchase a Combo Ultimate Car Wash($2) or Ultimate Car Wash($1). How it works: You provide us with a code (street or phone number) that we’ll program into our pay station. Tell your members to use this unique code when they stop by Rita Ranch. At the end of the month, we’ll cut your organization a rebate check for the number of washes purchased with your code. Contact Mike Adams at for more information.

It Doesn’t Stop There!

If you have an idea for a fundraiser and think our facility would help you make it a success, we want to hear from you! We’re always open to new fundraising ideas and hosting out-of-the-box events.

Contact Mike Adams, owner and chief fundraising manager at to find out how we can help you host the perfect fundraiser for your organization.

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