Dog Wash in Tucson, AZ

Located near Rita Ranch

Dog Washing at Rita Ranch RV & Self Storage

Keep your canine friend happy and clean

You love your dog, and you want your dog to be healthy and clean. Our dog wash located at Rita Ranch RV & Self Storage in Tucson is the perfect place to take care of your canine's hygiene. 

The water is at a comfortable temperature, shampoo and conditioning are included, and your dog will be comfortable in our spacious washtubs. 

Whatever your dog's breed, size, or personality, your furry friend will leave our dog wash happy and clean!

Wash Details

Come by and check out our bathing area - it’s sure to make bathtime a success!

  • 78-degree water, all the time, for your dog's comfort
  • Waist-high tubs that make washing easy without causing back strain
  • A broad range of shampoo choices, including flea and tick shampoo, “de-skunk” shampoo, and more
  • Oatmeal conditioner to soothe your dog's skin
  • Two-speed blower and dryer
  • Clean, disinfected surfaces